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Brew a cup of enchantment with our Medium to Dark Roast, a treasure trove of flavors as rich and expansive as the fantastical worlds within your favorite novels. This is a coffee with depth—a deep body that speaks of ancient forests and hidden depths, infused with the essence of baker's chocolate and the sweetness of caramelized sugar as if concocted by an alchemist's hand.


Each sip unveils layers akin to the intricate lore of fantasy tales, with warm spices weaving flavor spells, caramel notes transporting you to palatial feasts, and dark chocolate reminiscent of night skies peppered with stars in unknown universes.


Nurtured in the mystical heartlands of Central America, where the coffee cherries are kissed by a climate as varied and dramatic as the landscapes in a high fantasy epic, our beans are roasted to a luscious medium-dark. This roast is a gateway to other worlds, available in whole beans for those who prefer to grind their own mythical adventure or ground, ready to summon the magic.


Roasted with care in the USA, we ensure that every batch captures the essence of its fabled origin, offering a cup that's a portal to the extraordinary.


  • Size: 12oz (340g)
  • Medium-dark roast
  • Deep body, bakers chocolate, and caramelized sugar
  • Warm spice, caramel, and dark chocolate-tasting notes
  • Growing Region: Central America
  • Roasted in the USA

Fantasy Coffee Blend (Medium-Dark Roast)

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