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About Olivia Von Holt


Olivia von Holt isn’t merely an accomplished businesswoman and entrepreneur; she embodies a unique blend of European sophistication and American pragmatism, making her a standout figure in the realm of personal development and mentorship. Her influence spans various industries, marking her as a versatile innovator. Her recognition on the prestigious "30 under 30" list and the receipt of the Woman-Owned Business Award testify to her exceptional leadership and entrepreneurial spirit.


The serendipitous journey into authorship began when a mentee's insight prompted Olivia to combine her knowledge into a book. This led to the creation of her debut work, The Reward of Risk, a guide aimed not only at young professionals but also at those aspiring to rejoin or pivot their careers. Through this work, Olivia extends a lifeline of wisdom and experience, offering the insights she wished were available to her at the start of her journey.


The Reward of Risk serves as a manifesto for those standing at the crossroads of their professional lives, advocating for the embrace of mentorship, the pursuit of diverse experiences, and the courage to venture into uncharted territories. Olivia’s narrative transcends mere advice; it is a testament to the transformative power of risk-taking and the importance of charting one's own path with conviction.

Beyond the boardroom and the written page, Olivia cherishes the balance in life, finding joy and grounding in yoga, treasured moments with her family, and the companionship of her beloved dog. An adrenaline enthusiast, she revels in the thrill of roller coasters, a metaphor for her embrace of life's ups and downs with equal fervor. Olivia's commitment extends beyond her professional endeavors into volunteering and mentorship, where she dedicates her time and resources to empowering others. This blend of adventure, family, and giving back not only defines Olivia's personal life but also enriches her professional perspective, highlighting her belief in a holistic approach to success and fulfillment.

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