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Step into a world of intrigue with our Medium Roast, a coffee as complex and captivating as a tightly woven mystery. This is a brew with a plot twist - a rich blend of chocolate-covered almonds that disguise themselves in a sweet, syrupy cloak, with just a hint of citrus to cut through the richness like a clue that leads to the final revelation.


Sourced from the fertile lands of Central America, where coffee is as much a part of the landscape as mystery is a part of literature, our beans are roasted to a perfect medium - not too light or dark, but just right for uncovering hidden flavors.


Choose your form - whole bean for those who like to grind their own clues or ground coffee for immediate investigation. Each batch is roasted in the USA with precision and care, ensuring every cup offers a chance to delve into the delicious unknown.


  • Size: 12oz (340g)
  • Medium roast
  • Chocolate-covered almonds, maple syrup, and citrus-tasting notes
  • Growing Region: Central America
  • Whole bean or ground options are available
  • Roasted in the USA

Mystery Coffee Blend (Medium Roast)

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