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Olivia Von Holt

Notable Businesswoman and Mentor, Turned Author

Olivia Von Holt

New Release

The Reward of Risk: Embracing Confidence In Your Career

"The Reward of Risk" is an essential guide for young professionals, blending seasoned advice with dynamic strategies for career success. It emphasizes the importance of personal branding, effective networking, and the role of volunteer work in enhancing resumes and leadership skills. The book offers practical advice on navigating professional challenges, highlights the significance of social entrepreneurship, and underscores the impact of internships and community engagement in developing a global career perspective. Serving as both a mentor and motivator, it encourages readers to embrace challenges and view risks as opportunities, guiding them towards a rewarding professional journey.

The Reward of Risk

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Olivia's book is a must-read for young professionals looking to succeed in today's ever-changing business landscape.

'Empowering Young Professionals' is a game-changer. Von Holt's insights are invaluable.

Praise & Reviews

Olivia von Holt's book is a must-read for anyone seeking mentorship and guidance in their career.

Gripping storytelling

Olivia von Holt's book is a page-turner that will leave you feeling inspired and motivated.

Von Holt's voice speaks to the struggles of young professionals everywhere.

Olivia Von Holt

About Olivia Von Holt

Olivia von Holt is a notable businesswoman and mentor who has combined European and American influences in her career. Honored in the "30 under 30" list and with a Woman-Owned Business Award, she turned author to guide young professionals, emphasizing the value of mentorship and adaptability.

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